Top Priorities

Customer Service

Expanded online services to give customers more options from home and less time in line.

Combined Vital Records and Register of Deeds office space and cross trained employees to better serve customer needs.

Expanded customer service hours for satellite office locations without increasing costs.


Increased electronic recording of property records to more than 60% for better efficiency and accuracy.

Leading Michigan as a pilot court for electronic filing of circuit court records.

Ongoing digitization of court, elections, property and vital record documents to ensure better public access, less storage cost and more secure backup.

Election Integrity

Strengthened election worker training to include more hands on training and more offerings for nearly 1,000 workers countywide.

Implemented a state of the art and more secure voting system countywide.

Expanded communication and voter engagement through public events, and use of the web and social media to deliver accurate and consistent information to voters.